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BNN Bloomberg

24 November 2021

Top-Selling Climate Funds Fail to Deliver on Carbon Emissions


20 September 2021

Thinking of Investing in a Green Fund? Many Don't Live Up to Their Promises, a New Report Claims


10 September 2021

No More Carbon Havens And ESG Greenwashing

Financial Times

27 August 2021

Climate funds often fall short of Paris goals, says report

Bloomberg Green

14 January 2021

Fidelity, Capital Group Score Worst in Climate Engagement

Sky News

15 January 2021

InfluenceMap on Ian King Live/Sky News discussing Asset Managers & Climate Change


15 January 2021

Tanner: Large U.S. Asset Managers Under-Performing On Climate


24 June 2020

Why The Fed Is Talking Up The Importance Of Climate Change Action — And Pouring Billions Into Fossil Fuels


27 May 2020

Increasing emphasis on ESG's “gendar equality” and “climate” at shareholder meetings

Deutsche Welle

16 April 2020

Oil and gas companies exploit coronavirus to roll back environmental regulations


11 March 2020

Finance Can’t Decide How It Wants to Deal With Climate Change

Die Zeit

27 November 2019

Large wealth managers do too little for the climate

South China Morning Post

27 November 2019

Investment funds controlling US$37 trillion in global assets are failing to meet climate goals, says think tank InfluenceMap

Le Figaro

16 October 2019

Finance relies on renewable energies

Financial Times

19 September 2019

Green-friendly’ ETFs hold shares in groups with coal operations


13 October 2019

The oil fund is the largest owner of 11 of the companies with the largest greenhouse gas emissions: - It is incomprehensible