Browse a selection of our reports below which are focused on the media, investors civil society groups and policy makers. The reports draw heavily on our FinanceMap and related data platforms operated by the InfluenceMap group and attempt to tell data-driven narratives around the climate- performance of the financial sector.

People and Planet Are Sound Investments

March 2024

A GlobeScan / InfluenceMap Report

Retail investors support investment funds being more involved in addressing climate change, as well as in the protection of nature and wildlife and resolving economic inequality. Public support is particularly strong for investment funds encouraging gov...

Canada's Big Five Banks:
Heading to Net Zero?

March 2024

FinanceMap's assessment of Canada's Big Five Banks shows that the firms have not made significant progress on climate goals despite their Net Zero Banking Alliance membership and commitments.

Industry Influence on IAIS Climate Risk Work

November 2023

This briefing explores how the global insurance industry is engaging to shape climate risk supervisory guidance being developed by the International Association of Insurance Supervisors (IAIS).

US House Anti-ESG Month and Industry Influence

October 2023

This briefing outlines how elements of an ‘anti-ESG’ campaign by fossil fuel, financial and cross-sector industry groups have been incorporated into the current policy priorities of US House Republicans.

Asset Managers & Climate Change 2023

August 2023

FinanceMap's 2023 Asset Managers and Climate Change assessment of 45 of the world's largest asset managers shows that the firms have not made significant progress on climate goals since 2021, despite an increase in climate targets through Net Zero Asset Managers and similar initiatives.

US Banks and Climate-Related Policy

June 2023

New research shows that despite their high-level support for action on climate change, the largest US banks are not engaging in support for key US climate-related policy measures. At the same time, these banks retain membership to industry associations that are actively opposing key climate policies...

The US Insurance Sector and Climate-Related Financial Regulation

May, 2022

Despite a growing consensus among financial regulators that climate change poses significant risks to the insurance sector, industry associations representing the largest US insurance companies have been actively engaged in efforts to weaken and delay emerging climate-related insurance regulation at...

Finance and Climate Change

March, 2022

A comprehensive assessment of the world's 30 largest listed financial institutions shows a clear disconnect between the concrete short-term targets and actions needed to address the climate emergency and the limited, long-term targets currently being set by the financial sector. This research seeks ...

Climate Funds:
Are They Paris Aligned?

August, 2021

This research assesses 723 equity funds specifically marketed using ESG- and climate-related key words, with over US$330 billion in total net assets. It does so on the basis of two climate criteria (portfolio Paris Agreement alignment and fossil fuel intensity) likely to be of primary interest to in...